I feel totally at ease

Used this garage for many years now for both work and family vehicles (various makes and models during this time) Tried many other garages over the years prior to this, both local and dealerships with no great success – ie ‘we’ll keep guessing at what might be wrong’, oh, and charge each time as well ! (especially with one of my vans) – So definitely a ‘EUREKA’ moment when I chanced on ‘EGERTON GARAGE’ (one car we had was backward and forward with a spasmodic electrical problem and was only charged when finally resolved – MAJOR FIRST)
We all dread the failed M-O-T (or this and that service extras) scenario but when it has occurred, this is the only garage I’ve used in recent years where I feel totally at ease with the advice given and work done – VERY APPROACHABLE AND GENUINE – being a local trades person myself, I appreciate you can’t please everybody all the time, but I have been using this garage too long to be lucky all the time too ! DEFINITELY GET MY SERVICE
Gary Wyatt